Benefits of Biking vs. Driving


The benefits of biking versus driving a car are both loaded with pros and cons. We’re going to go over these in some detail. While this is a business that works in the bicycle industry – our intention is transparency.  That’s why the purpose of this blog is to inform, not persuade.  It’s our hope you take in all of the information provided and hopefully feel a little wiser.

To be efficient is to achieve maximum productivity with minimal wasted effort or expense.  Essentially, you can see how riding a bike can be efficient and how it can be inefficient. Same to be said with driving a car.  First, the pros for biking:

  • Free to operate
  • No emissions
  • In major cities, you may save time due to traffic
  • Can operate in areas where a car cannot, possibly creating shortcuts

As for the pros for driving:

  • Can be infinitely faster on longer commutes
  • Can go a much greater distance
  • Can have passengers
  • Requires little physical exertion.

There are more, but we chose to highlight these as they will likely affect the most people.


When it comes to the health of your bike (we’ll get to yours in a moment) – a car’s average lifespan is determined, by some, to be approximately 200,000 miles. Which in many cases equates to 12 years. 

Whereas the bike’s average lifespan can be five to 15 to 25 years, some bike manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on their frames.  

However, both have one undeniable variable in common – the owner.  How the primary user treats his vehicle of choice will ultimately determine the apparatus’s fate. 

Speaking of the owner…



A body in motion will be much healthier than a body that is not – that is an undeniable fact. And the aerobic exercise that comes with riding a bike will significantly reduce a person’s chance for heart disease, cancer, and high blood pressure.  

And when it comes to fatalities – on average, 751 cyclists die each year in the United States. A fraction compared to driving.


When weighing the average expense between maintaining and operating a car as opposed to that of a bicycle, it’s not even close.  

The average bike tune-up can start as low as $55 for a basic tune-up and as high as $150 for more extensive service. When it comes to tires, wear and tear, and any other costs that may occur – this again is at the owner’s discretion. 

When comparing that to the cost of operating a vehicle, you have:

  • Always changing fuel costs
  • Always changing insurance costs
  • Many are financing or leasing 
  • Annual registration
  • Emission checks 
  • Many more depending on usage and place of operation

While this section may skew in one direction, it’s primarily due to the unquestionable fact owning a car is much more expensive. And while there are bikes costing as much as high-end Italian sports cars – the average cost of a bicycle ranges between $300 to $1000, depending on the type.

Meanwhile, the consumer faces an average of approximately $23,903 for a small-sized sedan.


Storing your car, whether it’s for your job or for your leisure or simply resting at home, is entirely contingent upon your environment and situation. Meaning if you own a home and work at a small business with on-site off-street parking, then you’re paying significantly less than a person with an apartment in mid-town Manhattan. 

Additionally, your vehicle may be subjected to its natural environment. For example, if you’re living in the northeast, you’re all too familiar with your car sitting salt and snow slush for days on end. 

When it comes to a bicycle, there are various options, most of which include bike storage in a safe environment.  Now, there are some places where your bike is as vulnerable as your car.  However, for those of you familiar with Bike Solutions, you know we offer bike storage solutions that can accommodate most, if not any, environments—all of which provide unparalleled safety and security.


The apparent conclusion is owning a bike is infinitely less than owning and operating a car. Plus, when it comes to your health, there is no comparison.  However, many of you simply must own a car. And let’s face it, most people do, with a registered 276 million drivers in this country alone. But, as stated earlier, it wasn’t our mission to try to influence this massive lifestyle change by going from a car to a bicycle.  And that’s what it would be, a seismic shift in your daily life. 

What we hope we achieved is providing you with an informed perspective.  Maybe a mindset that leads you from doing something you were always curious about, and that’s buying a bike and seeing what it feels like to take two wheels as opposed to four to the gym, to school, or to work.  

And if you’re a rider and are searching for a safer, more secure way to store your bike, contact Bike Solutions today. We’d be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. 

Happy Riding! 

– Team Bike Solutions